Recently I wrote a bit of an article for the first KinoZine, a little zine put out to celebrate KinoSydney , a film phenomena I take party in regularly, with varying degrees of success.  I wrote about absurdity, a concept I love in all its forms, and gave the readers a recipe for potato chip cookies, which like all the best absurd foods, taste better than they sound.

If you’ve ever had to plan a meal, and you thought, “What I’d really like is to make some food that my guests will think sounds weird or possibly disgusting, but they have to eat it or be horribly rude,” then we have something in common.  My line of thought continues “But then they eat it, and think it was surprisingly delicious.”  If you’re still with me,  I have some links for you.  If you instead thought “But then they eat it and have to be airlifted to a hospital,”  then you’re looking for recipes less absurd and more sociopathic. I have no links for you, sorry. Non-sociopaths, follow me!

How about some Mini Sardine Muffins? I for one have always wanted my savory muffins to be a bit fishier.

What sounds better than a Green Tomato Cake? This spicy cake is a great way to use up garden surplus. Plus, if your friends refuse to try it, more for you!

Need to hide veggies from the picky eater? Then maybe Zucchini Brownies are the way to go. A great way to trick people that hate zucchini so you can then laugh in their zucchini hating faces.

You could go the other way and sweeten up a savory with this Strawberry Bruschetta. Dessert and starter in one course!

For my readers in the States this won’t seem the least bit absurd, but everyone here in Oz I’ve talked to is pretty baffled. Toasted Ravioli provides two things you love, ravioli, and crispy baked things you can dip in tomato sauce. It’s been years, Toasted Ravioli. You will soon be in my belly.

So there you have it. These recipes are not only absurd, they are great for taking to potlucks (or Kino!) and watching people avoid and/or be amazed at their yumminess.

What? You want a new level? You want to touch the pinnacle of absurd food? Use the ladder of daring to scale the wall of gastronomy and screw in the very lightbulb of culinary dissonance? Well, go no further than this very blog, and make yourself a Mexican Cheesecake. Don’t just feed your guests, challenge them!